How to write a Press Release

logo If you want to promote your event successfully, you will need to write a press release and send it in good time to local and regional media such as The Buxton Advertiser. NB The Advertiser now requires you to use their online portal - see your media list as sent to you by the Fringe as part of your acknowledgement email. It will help if you can provide good quality images for publication. No pictures? You have the Buxton Festival Fringe logo which can be downloaded for a start.

If you send a press release to a radio station, e.g. Radio Derby, try to indicate whether you have somebody who would be prepared to be interviewed, either by phone or in the studio.

Here follows a sample, fictional press release, which you can rework if you are new to writing these things! Tip: Write in the third person, so "Audiences will enjoy the chance to..." rather than "You will enjoy..."

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release May 15th 2024
[WHO] Buxton Painting Class will have a [WHAT] Visitors' Book with a difference at their Annual Exhibition at [WHERE] Buxton Town Hall on [WHEN] July 10, 10-11am.
[DETAILS OF NEWSWORTHY EVENT/ANGLE] Instead of a simple book, there will be a large sheet of paper with visitors encouraged to paint a simple self-portrait rather than writing their name.
Says [NAME, POSITION] Emma Smith, organiser of the class [QUOTE]: 'It is all in fun and totally optional but I think sometimes people are afraid to draw and we thought this might actually encourage them to put pen to paper'.
[MENTION ANY OTHER DETAILS INC SPONSOR IF APPLICABLE] The Buxton Painting Class is an informal Monday evening art class that is open to all, however inexperienced. Says Smith [OPTIONAL FURTHER QUOTE]: 'I find that people who used to enjoy art at school sometimes go for years without doing a thing, but when they come to one of the classes they suddenly get into it and find themselves enjoying paint all over again.' The class is funded by High Peak Borough Council.
The [PRICE] free Exhibition, to be held as part of the [MENTION FRINGE] Buxton Festival Fringe (July 5-23), offers a chance to see some work by existing members and enjoy a cup of tea and a cake at the same time.
[FURTHER INFORMATION FOR PUBLIC] Anyone wanting further information about the classes or about the exhibition should contact Emma Smith on [TEL] 01234 56789. [WEBSITE] [SOCIAL MEDIA] Instagram: @paintingclass
- ends
1. For further information, please contact NAME, TEL, MOBILE, EMAIL.
2. A Buxton Festival Fringe logo is attached as well as two photographs from the exhibition. Photographers are welcome to arrive at the exhibition from 10am onwards.