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BUXTON LETTERBOX TRAIL - South West Peak Landscape Partnership

This is a great activity with or without younger family members and its free! The trail is easily navigated using the pamphlet available from the Pump Room or the Green Man Gallery.

Participants are guided around six different letterboxes within the town centre and are asked to identify what is unique about each and also what type of letterbox it is. Letterboxes can be something we dont really pay much attention too in everyday life, as we navigate our local areas and this trail helps bring our attention to them. Some of the letterboxes on the trail are quite rare. The pamphlet gives you all the information you need to complete the trail and answer the questions. You can then return to either of the above venues and claim a reward for your efforts - a postcard and a badge.

An added bonus for older participants is the route the trail takes. As you walk from one letterbox to another, you can take in the beauty of the town first-hand and see some historic buildings that you might not have otherwise seen if you had stuck to the main routes!

So go on, give it a go. I can promise you will learn something new and benefit from a lovely walk in the process.

April Irwin