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Upon entering the Chatsworth room at The Palace Hotel you can get a drink and then you pass two lovely ladies who tell you which table you are sat at, for me it was the mystical table number 8. Next I headed in to the main room and sat down with the other people at my table; then the magic began.

With 8 magicians circling round the tables, each performing about 15 minutes of close up magic, there is a magician for everyone. From the mystic monk who can read your minds, the classic card and rope tricks and some original tricks both the card variety and something completely new to me - elastic band magic!

Every inch of the evening was used to show off the skill of the those within the High Peak Magic Society, during the interval our Compere for the evening gave those interested a peek into the world of traditional parlour magic. This was one of the highlights of my evening as we were told about the different personas the Jack Card has around the world, from ninjas in Japan to jesters of the court in France with each card trick.

The evening was closed by the 2012 Close - up Magician of the Year Chris Stevenson. I won’t ruin what it is he does now, but he does show us why he won such an award. He performs astounding magic tricks with ease and humour – a classic showman.

All in all I enjoyed the whole evening as an event. I got to meet knew people, see tricks I have never seen before, was amazed at what I saw, laughed, cringed and even had my ring disappear before my eyes. It is fun for all the family and a fantastic show of local talent.

Toni Saxton