Buxton Fringe rings the changes

PRESS RELEASE November 18th 2021 - For immediate release

A Buxton Fringe committee member who joined the team only a couple of years ago has stepped up to become Fringe Secretary at the festival’s AGM at The Green Man Gallery on November 17th.

Carole Garner, also a blogger for the Fringe, took over the role from Gaye Chorlton, who will still be involved in the Fringe as Information Desk Manager in July. Fringe chair Stephen Walker thanked Gaye for volunteering to be Secretary when he started his term in 2019: “I am very grateful for all the support she has given me as a novice chair.”

After a turbulent two years of Covid disruption, the Fringe was delighted to hold its AGM in person at the Green Man, a key Fringe managed venue. Stephen was reinstated as chair alongside Viv Marriott as vice-chair and Sandra Jowett as treasurer.

Stephen looked back at 2021’s event with some relief saying: “After a year online with very few events happening live, it was great to get back to a predominantly live Fringe, and the joy of live performance.” He thanked Fringe venues for their continued care and caution adding: “If anyone running events at Underground or here at the Green Man Gallery had tested positive for Covid, we could have lost major chunks of our programme.”

He also praised the high standard of theatre and other events: “Given the difficulties of getting together to rehearse and prepare shows… the quality of work on offer was wonderful - thank you to everyone who did anything to help make Fringe 2021 happen.”

The AGM was attended by committee members, performers, Fringe Friends and several newcomers. People can join at any time so anyone wanting to become involved on the committee should Send message to Info to find out more.

Next year’s Fringe is scheduled to take place from July 6-24 2022 with the website opening for entries from December 1 2021. See https://buxtonfringe.org.uk/entrants.html for further information.

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Attached picture shows from left to right: Outgoing secretary Gaye Chorlton hands over her trusty notepad to Carole Garner.

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