Magic and mayhem: rolling the dice at the Green Man Theatre

PRESS RELEASE: For immediate release May 21st 2019

The Green Man Gallery has established itself as a mainstay of the Fringe, and this year they present more shows than ever with a healthy cohort of theatre productions.

Debbie Cannon received the Fringe Female Actor Award last year and returns with the wonderful Green Knight, the story of the challenge to Gawain, Arthur’s finest knight, retold by the woman at its heart. Also returning is the very popular Old Bones, a story of magic, romance and treachery from the mouth of the immortal man, James Napier, who challenges another audience to a game of dice.

Looking to the past, in 1842, 23 years after Peterloo, Lancashire factory workers again marched in protest at appalling pay and conditions, only to be confronted by the authorities and read the Riot Act, the title of this play from Breathe Out Theatre. Staying in the same century, Sir Henry Irving and the Bells by Stage Three, tells of the first knight of the theatre, and his lifelong obsession with the classic Victorian melodrama The Bells. A 19th-Century princess and a 20th-century revolutionary are trapped in a fairy tale castle in Once Upon a Time in Trieste from Silver Pine Productions. Over a night of prayer, cards and violence, they confront each other and their own inner demons.

In Harvey Greenfield is Running Late we meet a man in demand, but is it possible to please everyone all of the time? Award-winning comedian Paul Richards explores our need to please and why sometimes it's healthy to just sit in a shed and play Subbuteo and pretend to be Meat Loaf. Someone finding it hard to please everyone was Geoff Marsh, once a miner, then a police officer. He finds himself on the other side at the infamous Battle of Orgreave. 35 years later Ray Castleton tells his story in Without Malice or Ill Will.

In Tangletree from JDJB and TLBB Productions, a catastrophic event forces mother and daughter to look to the future in a story of rage, despair, triumph, but also love. Regular Fringe performers PB Theatricals return with Rarest of All Rarities, a collection of songs from rarely performed Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. This is a treat not to be missed, and can also be caught at the Rotunda.

There are plenty more theatre treats in Fringe40. For further information see the printed programme, or the new Buxton Fringe App.

The Fringe wishes to thank its sponsor The University of Derby as well as financial supporters The Trevor Osborne Charitable Trust and High Peak Borough Council, its Fringe Friends and the town’s many Fringe supporters and venues.

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