Home to a Green Knight and more - Green Man Gallery theatre at Buxton Fringe!

PRESS RELEASE: For immediate release May 29th 2018

Buxton’s artist-run hub for all things cultural has become an important player in the Theatre category at the Fringe with an eclectic collection of six plays at the venue this year.

2016 Fringe Award winners, All Things Considered Theatre, presents a unique and intimate meditation on the nature of love and sacrifice. In Alone, Together audiences are taken deep into Kath and Jim’s lives, and their darkest secrets and deepest desires.

Debbie Cannon presents a one-woman version of Gawain and the Green Knight. A monstrous green warrior issues an unwinnable challenge to Arthur’s finest knight – but the story is retold by the woman at its heart. Another story casting back into the past, Old Bones, tells the tale of immortal James Napier who made a terrible mistake over 400 years ago and has been trying to undo it ever since.

The Host is a darkly comic, fragmented tale with serious aspirations, no actors or scenery, and only one chair! This one-man show plays with the fine line between commitment and obsession; between something and nothing; between imagination and the empty space. In Nitro, when a group of rebellious young art students are tasked with another mundane project, they decide to do something different, and their project spirals into a plot that could shake the foundations of modern art forever.

PB Theatricals return with Pint-Sized Pinafore, an abridged performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta - a talented cast of young adults reunites every year to perform an iconic musical production, with each show more hotly anticipated than the last. This one is on at the Rotunda as well as the Green Man Gallery, so plenty of opportunities to catch it! Bookings via the Gallery, thegreenmangallery.com or 01298 937375.

See all Buxton Fringe’s theatre listings at www.buxtonfringe.org.uk.

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