Early booking recommended for Fringe30

Press Release: 5 February 2009

Although Buxton is still in the depths of winter, the Buxton Festival Fringe is encouraging potential actors, musicians, comedians and exhibitors to think ahead to the summer and book their place for this year's Fringe.

Although there is plenty of time for entrants to sign up, the early booking period, with entry only costing £45, runs out on 28 February. After that, from 1 to 31 March the entry fee is £65 and from 1 to 25 April it is £80.

Chair Stephanie Billen comments: 'The Buxton Fringe is open to anyone who wants to enter - the Committee does not select or censor those wishing to take part. Entrants can find all the information they need to enter on the Fringe website at http://www.buxtonfringe.org.uk/entrants.html. Amongst the new features, the new Schools Link initiative allows entrants the chance to work with schools but entrants need to register their interest and have paid their entry fee by 20 March.'

There is also help to be found there in choosing your venue for the Fringe. As Stephanie adds: 'Being the 30th anniversary of the Fringe, we're expecting a bumper crop of events this year, so we're encouraging early entry to make sure you grab a slot for your event. Sadly, this year, Nice Venues will not be at The Old Clubhouse, which is not currently taking bookings from independent entrants. Entrants can check out our comprehensive venues list of independent venues at http://www.buxtonfringe.org.uk/venues.html to help in the search for alternative venues or try Underground Venues if they are looking for a central, managed venue.'

The Fringe is grateful to all its venues around the town including the spectacular Dome, home of the Fringe's main sponsor, The University of Derby Buxton, and the location for the Fringe award ceremony. 'We are also building up an interesting list of venues outside Buxton to help us bring the Fringe to even more people', adds Stephanie.

This year's Fringe runs from Thursday 8 to Sunday 26 July.


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