Buxton Festival Fringe presents 2007 Awards

PRESS RELEASE for immediate release July 23 2007

Buxton Festival Fringe was hailed as a huge success by chair John Wilson at Sunday's Awards Ceremony held at Buxton's impressive Dome, home of Fringe sponsor the University of Derby Buxton.

'In terms of quality of production this is the best Fringe I have ever seen', he said, adding that poor weather had meant that many shows did not have the full houses they deserved.

One of the biggest Fringes, it featured over 100 entries and well over 400 separate performances with every field represented from drama to dance and music to magic.

The immense number and diversity of shows meant that some adjustments were made to the awards categories for this year with Comedy being split into one-person show and comedy show so that two productions could be honoured - Futurology Live! and I, Lear. It was decided that the New Writing award should not necessarily only cover drama and in the event the award went to Journalist and Hope from the Dance section.

The winner of Best Drama production was Blunt Instrument's Teechers and Best Young Drama went to Northern Gap's Ladybird. Two extra awards were made, a Community Award to honour Celloscope's workshops with the community and a Popular Choice award to reflect the huge public support shown on the website and at the Fringe Desk for Hope Theatre Company's Yesterday, When I Was Young.

John was keen to stress that there had been an enormous number of high quality shows, not all of which would have received prizes. 'If you haven't got an award please don't be disheartened; you're all wonderful'.

He also thanked all those who had made the Fringe possible including the Fringe committee of volunteers, Jasmine Harmer and her Community School helpers at the Fringe Desk, Louise Potter at The Old Hall, Nick Watterson and Barbara Sandle at The Old Clubhouse and the Fringe's many sponsors and supporters including the growing band of Friends of the Fringe.

Award winners receive free entry to next year's Fringe plus certificates. The full list is as follows:


One Person

Deafy's Island Discs (Steve Day)

Futurology Live! (Lab Monkey Productions) (Winner)

Undiscovered/The Dukes of Hazzard, Me Mum and a Sticky Finger (Bob's Not Her Uncle but He's Mine)


Five Go Mad in Buxton (Black Box Theatre School)

Game of Two Halves (MediaMedea)

I, Lear (The Black Sheep) (Winner)

The Seven Year Hitch (Buxton Young Farmers' Club)

Yesterday, When I Was Young (Hope Theatre Company)


Salsa Ball (Sensational Salsa) - nomination and winner


Journalist and Hope (Split Soul Dance Theatre) (Winner)

The Man I Cure (Fat Content)

Poetry and Piano (F. Philip Holland)


Best Production

The Dumb Waiter (Soap Box Theatre Company), Ladybird (Northern Gap Theatre Company)

The Little Girl who was Too Fond of Matches (Impetuous Kinship)

Teechers (Blunt Instrument Theatre) (Winner)

The Trial (Bath University Student Theatre Com)

Best Young Drama

Blood Wedding/A Midsummer Night's Dream (Imagine Theatre Company)

Godspell (The Young Rec Theatre Company)

Ladybird (Northern Gap Theatre Company) (Winner)

Best Actor

George Telfer (Stirring Finish: The Good Theatre Company)

Julia Barnet (Journalist and Hope: Split Soul Dance Theatre)

Paul Denney (The Dumb Waiter: Soap Box Theatre Company)

Marcia Carr (The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches: Impetuous Kinship) (Winner)

Stephan Bessant (Teechers: B lunt Instrument Theatre Company)

Helen Blackmore (Teechers: B lunt Instrument Theatre Company)

Elise Davison (Teechers: B lunt Instrument Theatre Company)

Donna Coleman (Under the Dirt: Vista Theatre and Trickster Theatre)

Erin Shanagher (Yesterday, When I Was Young: Hope Theatre Company)

Best Young Actor

Lucy Jones (Blood Wedding/A Midsummer Night's Dream: Imagine Theatre Company)(joint winner)

Daniel Large (Blood Wedding/A Midsummer Night's Dream: Imagine Theatre Company)

Lucy Bromilow (Yesterday: Black Box Theatre Company)

Ollie Savile (Godspell: Young Rec Theatre Company)

Dean Aspen (Ladybird: Northern Gap Theatre Company) (joint winner)

Elena Argiros (Ladybird: Northern Gap Theatre Company)

Elyse Blemmings (Ladybird: Northern Gap Theatre Company)

Iain Smith (Ladybird: Northern Gap Theatre Company)


FairLy Tales (The Black Sheep)(joint winner)

Little Howard (Little Howard) (joint winner)


Best Event

Blue Mooning and Love Spooning (Gill Sweeting and the Blue Cheese Tarts)

Civitas Mundi, Civitas Dei (Aitone)

The Club Acoustic Roots Room (Buxton Club Acoustic)

From Bach to the Beatles: A Cello Extravaganza (Celloscope)

Orchestral Concert (Amaretti Chamber Orchestra) (Winner)

Summer Concert (Manchester Recorder Orchestra)

Vanity Press (Vanity Press)

Best Performer

Kim Edgar

James Rippingale

Diana Milner (Amaretti Chamber Orchestra)

Sam Dunkley (Winner)

Phil Goodwin (Manchester Recorder Orchestra)


Poetry and Piano (F. Philip Holland)

Poetry at the Packhorse (Packhorse Poets)

Songs of Colour and Light (Poetry Trio)(Winner)


10th Annivserary Exhibition (Burbage Art Group)

Finding the Thread (Laleesh Fine Arts & Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp

Derbyshire Open 2007 (Buxton Museum and Art Gallery)

Travelling Through Landscape (Duncan Pass)

Paintings of the Peak District (Alan Bailey) (Winner)


Close Up Magic Evening (Manchester Circle of Magicians) (Winner)

One-Minute Theatre Festival (Underground Events)

The Shakespeare Jukebox (Buxton Drama League)


From Bach to the Beatles: A Cello Extravaganza (Celloscope) (for its workshops)


Erin Shanagher in Yesterday, When I Was Young (Hope Theatre Company)

PRESS: NB In terms of winning acts local to this area, Futurology Live! is from Buxton, Sensational Salsa is from Ashbourne, Northern Gap Theatre Company is from New Mills, Lucy Jones goes to Buxton Community School, Dean Aspen is from a New Mills theatre company, Amaretti is from Whaley Bridge, Close-Up Magic is Manchester based, Celloscope is from Whaley Bridge, Hope Theatre Company is from Broadbottom. For further information contact Press Officer Stephanie Billen on 01298 79351 or Send message to Press