Find out how you can become a Fringe reviewer.

We aim to review all the shows that come to the Fringe.

This is important as an aid to audience choice of course but is also important to the artists who value the feedback and often use extracts in publicity. The reviews are published on this website, on the Fringe App and at the Fringe desk in Pavilion Gardens. You can look over the reviews of the past years.

Our reviewers are all volunteers although a few are professional journalists. Their only reward is a free ticket to the first night of the show they are reviewing.

Our administrative requirements are quite demanding: we need the review to be done on the first night/opening and be submitted via the online reviews process by 11am the next morning and while we're not at all prescriptive about style, detailed guidance is given to reviewers. In summary we ask that reviews be constructive and informative, and we give advice on the sort of information required, how to approach the artists, the understanding expected and so on. Reviews usually fit one side of A4 font size 12, about 200-500 words. We also ask the reviewer to count the number in the audience and let us know. The choice of which shows to review is the reviewer's though we only support one review per show. The choosing process and the submission of reviews including audience count is web-based.

If you think you would like to review shows for the Fringe please Send message to Reviews who will send you the guidance.

Read our Reviews Policy.