Volunteering at the Fringe Desk

Volunteers from Buxton Community School

Join our student helpers during the Fringe!

Every July the Fringe is lucky enough to have help young people aged 16 and above. We particularly welcome extra help at weekends.

Most of these volunteer at the Fringe Information Desk, which is situated in the Pavilion Gardens conservatory next to the Opera House during the Fringe only. Under the guidance of our Fringe desk managers, they help out with putting up posters and reviews, blowing up balloons, running errands, making carnival decorations and conducting market research. They also liaise with the public and performers to ensure that the Fringe goes smoothly.

As well as being invaluable for the CV, the experience is lots of fun. Everyone feels the buzz of the Fringe at this time of year when the town turns orange! We have also had students join us in specific roles such as reviewing shows, taking photographs and videos and helping us with audience surveys.

Some Fringe Desk volunteers who have helped on a regular basis have even gone on to become paid Fringe desk managers!


Fringe Desk manager Laura Kirk talks to us outside the Fringe Desk.

Here are just a few comments from young volunteers in recent years:

"Volunteering at the Fringe desk is a fantastic way to gain an insight into how a major arts festival is run. I loved meeting the performers and being able to help the public, as well as having the freedom to be creative in decorating the desk displays." Annie Osborne

"When I volunteered with the Buxton Fringe Festival, I was a part of a fun, helpful, engaging work force, which allowed to us to create a good environment for our customers and members of the public to enjoy as we helped them around the desk, to book tickets for shows and give them information about different plays and events. This helped the Buxton Fringe Desk and Fringe Festival to run more smoothly.

The best moments that I had when volunteering for the Fringe were helping the customers and members of the public out with the questions that they had, and also it was the free flapjacks that we got to eat, during our time helping out behind the scenes!" Jack Kent

If you would like to volunteer please contact us, for further information. See also our Safeguarding Policy.