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 Fringe & Community

The Belly Dance Flames 2012 (credit: Donald Judge)

FRINGE SUNDAY RETROSPECTIVE - Buxton Festival Fringe Family Friendly
With large gatherings impossible, the Fringe takes a pause to remember some fantastic Fringe Sundays over the last few decades. Through sun and rain, performers have entertained crowds at the Pavilion Gardens (see Gallery). Learn more in this 2012 film youtu.be/iG0PXMc4rYY
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Gallery Comments

TOP LANDING... The splendid Fringe40 exhibition

FRINGE40 - 40 YEARS OF BUXTON FRINGE - Buxton Festival Fringe Family Friendly
If you missed our fascinating archive exhibition at The Green Man Gallery, or if you just want to savour it in more detail, here's your chance to appreciate it virtually. Follow the link to download the full online exhibition experience buxtonfringe.org.uk/FF40exhibition.pdf
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Gallery Comments(1)

FRINGEY JIGSAWS - fringegaye Family Friendly
While away time with an online jigsaw puzzle. ‘I love the satisfying click you hear when the pieces fit together!’ Go to www.jigsawplanet.com and search for Buxton Fringe. Have fun!
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Comments(1)

Entertainment down the line just for you!

PHONE@5 - Buxton Festival Fringe
You don’t need the internet to be able to enjoy the Fringe. This year some of our entrants are offering to do short performances down the phone! Ring the Fringe’s marketing officer on 01298 79351 to book your 5pm call choosing from a menu of music, comedy, poetry and stories.
Down the line (123) 6-10 & 13-17 Jul 5pm to 5:10pm Free
Further information: 01298 79351 Comments(2)

THINK YOU’RE A FRINGE FAN? - fringegaye Family Friendly
How much do you really know about Buxton Fringe? Try our Fringe Crossword to find out, and if you’re struggling for answers why not revisit our Fringe40 - 40 Years of Buxton Fringe exhibition for some valuable clues! Download buxtonfringe.org.uk/FringeFanCrossword.pdf or complete online crosswordlabs.com/embed/so-you-think-youre-a-fringe-fan
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Comments

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 Children's Events

Curly the Clown

A CLOWN NAMED CURLY IN ISOLATION - Frank Hussey Family Friendly
An exclusive YouTube miniseries following Curly the Clown at home in lockdown. Watch Curly tackle breakfast, painting, board games, gardening and more. A little treat for lovers of clowning every day. See www.youtube.com/channel/UCoTY25iNh25zp31NoClnitg?view_as=subscriber
Online (102) 3-7 Jul 10am to 10:06am Free, Ages 4+ Review Comments(1)

A tower, a door, leaning walls, a mystery

LOST CASTLES - ONLINE - Creeping Toad Family Friendly
Make the castle we haven't got in Buxton, with towers and drawbridge, moat or dungeon, dragon or despair. Let your medieval imagination get carried away... See buxtonmuseumandartgallery.wordpress.com/2020/04/11/easter-craft-activity-build-a-castle-a-tower-a-landscape/ or www.youtube.com/watch?v=16xA6XpKbIs
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Ages 4-6 Review Comments

a small cabinet of curiosities

MAKE YOUR OWN MUSEUM - Creeping Toad Family Friendly
Creeping Toad and Buxton Museum invite you to turn your treasure collections into miniature museums. A series of activities will help you make display boxes, prepare your own Cabinets of Curiosity and create guidebooks to show people round your wonders. See creepingtoad.blogspot.com/2020/06/coins-fossils-toys-shells-make-your-own.html
Online (102) 9-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Ages 4+ Review Gallery Comments

THE RED BALLOON - Lucky Dog Theatre Productions Family Friendly
The award-winning Lucky Dog perform their own unique take on the classic 1956 short film by Albert Lamorisse in this performance recorded last year. Equally charming, funny and touching, this adaptation is suitable for all the family. 'Outstanding.' FringeReview. See youtu.be/ZpGjsX8So9A
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Ages 4+ Review
Further information: View by donation paypal.me/luckydogtheatre Comments(1)

what would guard your Tiny! treasures?

TINY! TREASURE HUNTERS - Stone and Water Family Friendly
What treasures would you hoard? Where would you keep them? Join us for this year's Tiny! sessions now in timed slots for social distancing purposes (book via eventbrite link). Decorate your own treasure box! Find some natural treasures! Mermaid, monster, pirate or dragon? Who will guard your treasure? See www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tiny-treasure-hunters-tickets-107795834242
Pavilion Gardens – Playground (33m) OpenStreetMap 12 Jul 1pm to 4pm Free, Event subject to change according to government guidelines, Ages 3+ Review
Further information: stoneandwater@btinternet.com Comments

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In 2018 Andy Quirk moved with his wife from London to a new life in the Peak District. He's been adapting ever since and captures it all in a series of musical parodies. This special online version comes complete with subtitles so you can sing along! See parodiesfromthepeakdistrict.weebly.com/ (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Ages 12+ Review Gallery Comments(12)

Stew Walker in The Book of Snorin' - Sleep Apnea the Musical (credit: Angel Leggas)

After a sold-out debut season at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the world’s first comedy show about sleep apnoea is here. This hilarious show follows Australian comedian Stew Walker on his quest to treat his sleep apnoea and escape the bungalow blues. See vimeo.com/ondemand/bookofsnorin
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm £1.62, Adult themes and occasional mild coarse language Review
 Bookings via vimeo.com/ondemand/bookofsnorin Comments

(credit: Steve Cross)

DNA scientist, Helen, is writing her PhD. She’s delighted that the country’s decided to join her self-isolation. As a Cambridge’s 'Variables' member, she invites you into her world of underconfident lifts, quirky buildings, and unconventional friends. She does this, in an attempt to prove that scientists are perfectly normal…honest! See youtu.be/98XJUL3OfHY (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, One use of mild language, Ages 15+ Review
Further information: helenswilkes@outlook.com Comments(5)

In this alternative history show, four panellists deliver short stand-up sets based on historical people and events which happened on the same date as the show, then together they discuss possible alternative endings to other events which happened in Buxton's illustrious history. Hosted by Richard Pulsford. Recorded for podcast. See www.itjustsohappened.co.uk/p/podcasts-to-come-1563876120/
Online (102) 18 Jul 1:30pm to 2:30pm Free, Ages 14+ Review Gallery Comments

THE LAUREL AND HARDY CABARET - Lucky Dog Theatre Productions Family Friendly
The award-winning Lucky Dog brings you Stan and Ollie’s routines and songs from stage, screen and record in a show featuring classic recreated movie sequences and hilarious sketches that The Boys performed on tour. You will be transported back to a more innocent time, yet be amazed how current their comedy remains. See youtu.be/MRXFr-LleBA
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Ages 5+ Review
Further information: View by donation paypal.me/luckydogtheatre Comments(2)

LOCKDOWN BINGO - The Laughter Hub
Stuck indoors? Family driving you nuts? Thinking of revising your marriage vows? Laughter Hub has the perfect antidote. Join Mike Raffone (Buxton Fringe Award winner) and John Whelan for a rip-roaring session of Lockdown Bingo. The maddest online bingo show in town. The distance can be social with us. Live stream via www.facebook.com/mikeraffoneshows/ Pick numbers and check out instructions first on madlyconceived.co.uk/bingo
Online (102) 1, 8 & 15 Jul 7pm to 8pm Free, Occasional mild swearing and mild references to adult themes, Ages 16+ or Parental Advisory Review
Further information: madlyconceived.co.uk/bingo Comments

Andy Gilbert-Poetry Teacher

Andy Gilbert is one of the UK's leading poetry teachers.This online poetry lockdown lesson unites his hometown of Tamworth with Buxton. Gilbert is considered deluded in poetry circles but his sincerity has never been in doubt. See Facebook Andy Gilbert Writer/Comedy Performer www.facebook.com/crocodilecourt/ and www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWYH9kzDGEQ. (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Strong language and adult themes, Ages 16+ Review
Further information: thegreenmangallery.com Comments(5)

credit: Andy Hollingworth

Award-winning comedian with a unique live outdoor comedy experience for maximum 5 audience! Nathan has learned the secret of happiness - roses from Joe. The sequel to the critically acclaimed, Leicester Comedy Festival Best Show and Buxton Fringe award-nominated ‘Observational’. ‘Stormingly good. Intelligent, funny, bang on point’ Kate Copstick. See www.nathancassidy.com/rosesfromjoe (New Writing)
The Old Clubhouse (21b) OpenStreetMap 12 Jul 7pm to 8:15pm £10, Some strong language. Meet outside, pre-booking essential, Ages 16+ Review Gallery
 Bookings via mail@theratpack.co.uk. 5 max can be sold. Ticket proceeds to charity. Comments(1)

Make the country seethe with a high-pitched campaign to produce greenhouse vegetables

RADIO FREE KINSLEY - Red Shed Readings
Make the whole country seethe with a high-pitched campaign for producing green-house vegetables! Lockdown Radio broadcasts from a bunker somewhere in our house. See www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIfssglcA31hZlfPDDfueQ. (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Ages 16+ Review
Further information: Lippice@mac.com Comments(2)

Sheridan Shacklethwaite and Susie

Join silver-tongued septuagenarian Sheridan Shacklethwaite on this light-hearted, thoroughly-researched, entirely made-up, virtual tour of Poole's Cavern, a beautiful two-million-year-old natural limestone cave. See youtu.be/SpZxXGOam80
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: Donations to Pebbles' stone baked pizza fund gratefully received via paypal.me/StalactitesSecrets Comments(2)

credit Yaz Al-Shaater

The multi-award-winning Fringe-favourites are taking the adventures online for their 16th Buxton Fringe - accompanied by some very special guests! Join us as we save the world...in a different genre each episode! Premieres July 3rd, then fortnightly. 'I, for one, want more of this stuff.' Buxton Fringe. Subscribe for free at adventuredepartment.uk/ (New Writing)
Online (102) 3 Jul 7pm to 11:59pm, 4-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments(1)

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Time to Tap Poster

TIME TO TAP - Rebecca Rhythm Family Friendly
Rebecca has trained with tap masters from all around the world; in this debut Fringe piece she draws on their influence and expertise to deliver a captivating, improvised tap performance to live music. The performance will be live from Rebecca's Facebook page @rebeccacrookesperformer www.facebook.com/rebeccacrookesperformer/
Online (102) 12 Jul 4pm to 4:30pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: Donations via www.paypal.me/rebeccajaynecrookes Comments


VIRTUAL BUXTON DAY OF DANCE 2020 - Chapel-en-le-Frith Morris Family Friendly
All the music, colour, passion, energy and humour that the Morris brings... not live on the streets but from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you can get online). Hosted by Chapel-en-le-Frith Morris and featuring 16 Morris sides plus some extra goodies. See chapelmorris.org/vbdod/
Online (102) 12-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments

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The Slopes, Buxton (credit: explorebuxton.co.uk)

BRITAIN ON FILM - THE BFI ARCHIVE - Buxton Film Family Friendly
The British Film Institute (BFI) has a brilliant YouTube channel with hundreds of film clips from around Britain going back to the beginning of the 20th century. You’ll find a guide to the Peak District from 1954 youtu.be/TX86reWvrKk and soldiers enjoying hydrotherapy at the Devonshire Hospital, Buxton youtu.be/sTfDUcDOtns. For the full archive see bfi.org.uk/britain-on-film/
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments(2)

Hail Mary,full of Grace

HIDDEN HISTORY... UNDERNEATH THE OLD HALL - Discover Buxton Tours Family Friendly
In 2016 Discover Buxton filmed beneath the Old Hall Hotel to record The Orchestra Pit before it became part of the new Crescent development and to show where Mary Queen of Scots would have walked to the baths. It seemed though that someone else wanted their story recorded. See youtu.be/ru2R5LQQMZs (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments(4)

AN ORDINARY WOMAN - Hand on the Tap
'An Ordinary Woman' is a video monologue in the style of 'Talking Heads'. A man tells his mother's life story, with love and humour, on the morning of her funeral. But she has died in a care home so she 'doesn't count'. See vimeo.com/427294343
Online (102) 4-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Occasional strong language and an adult conversation, Ages 15+ Review
Further information: Donations to www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-involved/make-donation Comments(3)

PAUSE: SPACE FOR POETRY - Poetry Group Family Friendly
Hazel Warren's stop motion animation, seen at Isolation Festival 2020, looks at Tim Peake and wonders what he thinks in space. See youtu.be/gHbdN2xNIf0. Lytisha Tunbridge's film Babushka's Gift, The Matryoshka Doll, looks at a grandma's advice on the space taken by grief over time. Includes original score by Iryna Muha. See youtu.be/c7HoeERh3dU (New Writing)
Online (102) 1 Jul 11:30am to 11:59pm, 2-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: Donations via ko-fi.com/lytisha Comments

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Unable to rehearse or perform concerts, Burbage Band has kept the music alive with an important message. Members recorded their individual parts in isolation and these were later put together to form not only an audio recording but a video art installation. See youtu.be/WzC8DA77LGE
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: 07815 558676 Comments(5)

Not being able to meet in person, Club Acoustic has moved online! A Fringe regular for many years, in 2020 we will be joining the Fringe via a video concert where some of our regular performers contribute to a showcase of songs and music recorded during the lockdown period. See youtu.be/ouZA8hVLC2Y
Online (102) 6-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments(2)

FRINGE RETROSPECTIVE WEBCAST - Will Hawthorne Family Friendly
An audio webcast in which Will recalls his previous Fringe shows: Killer B's, The Kinks' Arthur, 60s Film Songs, Keep up with the Joneses and Poole Incarnate. Archive recordings, memories and new renditions of the songs. See soundcloud.com/will-hawthorne-140471502/fringecast
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments(1)

Home Movies - Darren Poyzer

HOME MOVIES - Darren Poyzer Family Friendly
Enjoy three 30-minute video sessions from the charismatic and entertaining singer-songwriter with one comprising entirely new material. 'An excellent musician who performs with kindness, honesty and a smile in his eyes... his music and song-writing is beautiful... one of my Fringe highlights.' Toni Saxton. See www.poyzer.com (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: Donations via www.paypal.me/darrenpoyzer Comments(1)

JOURNEY TO SKY BLUE - Adrian Lord Family Friendly
Join Cheshire composer and pianist Adrian Lord as he returns to Buxton Fringe, this year in a live online performance of joyful and uplifting music from his first two albums. 'You need this music in your life as it is the perfect way to switch off and wind down.' Buxton Fringe Review 2019. See www.adrianlordpiano.com to view a recording of the performance.
Online (102) 4 Jul 1pm to 1:45pm, 5-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments


KALEIDOSCOPE CHOIR WORKSHOPS - Kaleidoscope Choir Family Friendly
Kaleidoscope Choir (a joint Buxton International Festival and Opera House project) has recently started holding their singing sessions online. They will share their love of singing and social aspects of their meetings and you can watch and take part via YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/MrIRBee/videos?view=2&flow=grid&view_as=subscriber) on the two dates advertised. Recordings will remain available until the end of July 2020.
Online (102) 7 & 14 Jul 1pm to 2pm Free Review Comments(1)

Singing at Haddon Hall

MOON RIVER - Derby City Singers Family Friendly
Derby City Singers chamber choir has been enjoying Zoom rehearsals this Spring - a new venture and a life-saver for us as for most choirs. We’re missing sharing our singing and each other’s company in live rehearsals, along with the gallons of tea, but we hope we’ll help you to relax into this beautiful favourite, Moon River, at derbycitysingers.weebly.com. You can also find us on Facebook - search for Derby City Singers.
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free

Music for Everyone logo

Music for Everyone is an independent arts organisation with years of experience in devising and running innovative music participation events across Nottingham and the East Midlands. During Lockdown, MfE went on-line to get everyone making music. Their chairman, John Hess introduces the highlights in this 26-minute video. See youtu.be/vJ-mnIFqDek
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: Donations supporting our work are gratefully accepted via email to admin@music-for-everyone.org Comments

The Music of Trees

THE MUSIC OF TREES - Geoff Robb Family Friendly
Award-winning guitarist Geoff Robb will be performing his show The Music of Trees via a live-stream. The show features original guitar music inspired by nature with tree stories and folklore. His beautiful compositions blend his classical training and his love of Spanish and Celtic music. See geoffrobb.com/buxton-festival-fringe
Online (102) 12 Jul 7pm to 8pm, 13-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments(2)

ONE SONG MORE! A NIGHT AT THE MUSICALS - Peak Voices Family Friendly
Featuring tenor Chris Blackshaw, described by a Times newspaper top theatre critic as 'brilliant'. With songs from your favourite musicals and a spectacular performance of Nessun Dorma, this is a must see! See www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQxH4LjNSxY
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: peakvoices@gmail.com or 07575 900098 Comments(1)

ORCHESTRAL CONCERT WITH SOLOIST - High Peak Orchestra Family Friendly
In April 2019 Iona Macdonald gave an outstanding performance of Bruch's much loved Violin Concerto No 1 in New Mills Town Hall. The orchestra gives three concerts a year, the July concert at St John's Church being part of the Buxton Fringe. See youtu.be/PFsHXBf54t4
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments(2)

Popersops Buxton Fringe Festival 2020 Show

POPERASOPS LIVE - Poperasops Family Friendly
Poperasops perform favourite opera, crossover and pop works with a difference and their unique interpretations are something to behold. Their tailored comedy set features pop songs performed ‘opera style’. Competing sopranos battling it out will look and sound magnificent, and bring a smile to your face! See youtu.be/Gx2uXjxIUM4
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: www.poperasops.co.uk/ Comments(1)

Roth Guitar Duo

THE ROTH GUITAR DUO IN CONCERT - Roth Guitar Duo Family Friendly
Award-winning guitarists Sam Rodwell and Emma Smith come together to perform an eclectic mix for all musical tastes. Featuring music from their debut album Canonica. 'A beautiful and diverse selection of repertoire, played by two of the UK's brightest young stars of the guitar.' Craig Ogden. See m.youtube.com/watch?v=F-TGwcbvxO4 and m.youtube.com/watch?v=6QEDqDqPQus
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: rothguitarduo@gmail.com or 07872 068453 Comments(5)

A SONG A DAY - Ian Bowns (with Carol Bowns & Sarah Owens)
We’ll be releasing a recording of a folk song on each day of the Fringe. Traditional and contemporary folk songs, each preceded by a short introduction about the song and why I/we perform it. Sometimes I’ll be joined by Carol Bowns and/or Sarah Owens, who’ll also contribute their own songs. See www.youtube.com/channel/UCHJ4ZIl6b0-CpEZ8HWXI1rQ
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: thegreenmangallery.com Comments(8)


Twice Buxton Fringe Award Winner for Music, Egriega presents a new show. The story of the forgotten Fado Singer Xuxu Carvalho, featuring Fado music and an audio recording of her biography. Fado is the music of Portugal. See vimeo.com/436492953 (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Adult themes but no strong language except perhaps in Portuguese, Ages 18+ Review
Further information: www.egriega.co.uk/xuxu-s-revolt Comments(6)

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 Spoken Word

ALICE GOES ELSEWHERE - Buxton Drama League
This world can be challenging if you are on a 'spectrum', even if you are as talented as young musician Alice Lewis. However there are other realities where you might fit right in. A darkly comic musical audioplay from Buxton Drama League. See www.alicegoeselsewhere.com (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Strong language and adult themes Review Comments

Local author Anne Goodwin invites you to explore identity and fiction with readings from her short story collection, Becoming Someone, and a fun literary quiz. Listen at your leisure, challenge your friends and family and then join her for a live virtual book group on July 16th (17:00). See and book annegoodwin.weebly.com/becoming-someone-online-book-chat
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments

BEING INSPIRED - ONLINE - Buxton Spoken Words
Original writing by Buxton and High Peak poets performed for your entertainment. Local writers present their own work plus their choice of poetry that has inspired their writing. Buxton Spoken Words meets monthly to share new and original poetry. See www.youtube.com/channel/UC7fsKtnsRrXtllrLSpykD-g (New Writing)
Online (102) 1 Jul 7pm to 8:30pm, 2-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: Don Dolby 07803 413343 or thegreenmangallery.com Comments(1)

EINSTEIN'S BICYCLE, BOOK LAUNCH - Terry Dammery, Edale poet, Conrad Press 2020
This verse-novel begins with tale of a maid in the shadow of the Cenotaph and unfolds as the celebration of a culture old as Chaucer and proud of its vitality to tilt at pomposity and privilege, sustained by the principle of Einstein’s bicycle – keep pedalling or you’ll fall off. Email terrydammery1@gmail.com for Zoom invitation. See www.terrydammery.com/ (New Writing)
Online (102) 9 & 16 Jul noon to 1pm Free, Ages 18+ Review Gallery
Further information: 07415 774541 Comments(2)

FANTASY VS REALITY - LIFE IN LOCKDOWN - Chapel Arts Creative Writing Group Family Friendly
Hear Chapel Arts authors reading recent poems as well as some gloriously escapist modern folktales. You can also enjoy two short plays by Anne Cawthorn featuring the Covid adventures of Fred, Doris and Ethel. See tinyurl.com/y9jcunjg for videos and tinyurl.com/y759gamr for a downloadable PDF of the works.
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: mark@markphenderson.com or www.chapelarts.org.uk Comments

Fringe Readings (credit: Stephanie Billen)

FRINGE READINGS - Buxton Fringe Readers Family Friendly
An online reboot of Fringe Readings which once upon a time happened in the back bar of the Old Hall Hotel. Our readers share a wide selection of stories, extracts and poems, for both adults and children. Enjoy at home or on the move. Find us at soundcloud.com/buxtonfringereadings
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments

Chatsworth Our World of Opportunity

THE PAXTONS AND THE DUKE - A MENAGE A TROIS? - Kitchen Table Events Family Friendly
Three voices explore the motivation of these characters in this triangular relationship. We reveal its development, as Joseph Paxton's genius grows from gardener to millionaire, supported by the everlasting dedication of Sarah, his wife and His Grace, the Bachelor Duke of Devonshire. A montage of photographs illustrates the story. See www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5z0gQZ-Tws (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: Donations to Buxton Civic Association via www.buxtoncivicassociation.org.uk/ Comments(5)

Peak Echoes - Short stories by members of Writers of the Peak

A presentation of readings and poetry by members of Writers in The Peak. Join us for some humour, seriousness and introspection as we look at life through literature. This event will be open for access/viewing on Thursday July 9th 2020, 8pm to 8.40pm. See www.WritersinthePeak.wordpress.org and www.youtube.com/channel/UC-brrI6CMF0c1Sm6BkduAOA/featured (New Writing)
Online (102) 9 Jul 8pm to 8:40pm, 10-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Comments

Blackboard Theatre (credit: David Griffiths)

REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT - Blackboard Theatre Family Friendly
Dean, a secondary school drama teacher, and Molly, a primary teacher, share stories about their lives as teachers and playwrights . They take a 'deep dive' into Buxton Fringe and talk to an array of special guests. This is an hour-long special version available on all podcast platforms. See anchor.fm/requiresimprovement
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Comments(12)

Transition Buxton encourages and supports our local community to live sustainably and to build our collective resilience to environmental change. During the Fringe, there will be talks by Carol Huff (July 2nd) entitled 'My Beef with Beef: a Personal Voyage of Discovery to Plant-based Living' and by Dr Terry Newholm (July 16th) entitled 'Diet in the Anthropocene'. See www.transitionbuxton.co.uk
Online (102) 2 & 16 Jul 7:30pm to 8:30pm Free
Further information: Contact Transition Buxton via web site for Zoom invitations Comments(1)

Mark Gwynnes Jones has been inspired by nature's sounds and people's stories (Credit; Sam Johnson)

VOICES FROM THE PEAK: BURNING DRAKE - Mark Gwynne Jones Family Friendly
A journey through the Peak District in word and sound, Burning Drake tells the story of lead. How miners found lead through plant lore and shooting stars, how through tragedy they learnt to survive flooding, and how the Peak's unique geology has shaped not just the landscape but also its people. Headphones advised. Read more at bit.ly/VoicesFromThePeak. Listen here www.peakdistrict.gov.uk/__data/assets/audio_file/0031/265882/Voices-from-the-Peak-Chp1-BurningDrake.mp3 (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments(8)

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 Street Theatre

A bubbling pool of water (credit: Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash)

With nothing more than a mobile phone and some headphones, listen to this immersive audio play as you follow in the path of Cassie as she hops a train to Buxton in an effort to learn about Britain’s pagan past and help kickstart her life again... Information available at raft.despitethemonkey.co.uk/ (New Writing)
Online (102) 10-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Ages 12+ Review
Further information: Donations via ko-fi.com/despitethemonkey Comments

Picture (c) Mister Hope

THE SHAKESPEARE JUKEBOX - Buxton Drama League Family Friendly
The award-winning Shakespeare Jukebox goes online to bring its usual mix of Shakespearean scenes and interactive fun to you in the safety of your own homes. Every day, we'll be posting video of some of your favourite scenes, featuring Jukebox performers old and new, as well as some surprises!
Online (102) 1-19 Jul 6pm to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: www.buxtondramaleague.co.uk/shakespeare-jukebox-2020 Comments(3)

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The Affinity Initiative

Can we still find 'that spark' digitally? The D8R collective brings their revolutionary socialisation system to the Buxton Fringe. Could you be a beta tester? With elements of 1-1 immersive performance and real-time interaction, But Why? presents its Buxton Fringe debut. (New Writing)
Online (102) 12-18 Jul 5pm to 10pm, 19 Jul noon to 10pm £10, Ages 15+ Review
 Bookings via tinyurl.com/y8u2nnvb Comments

The Crooked Spire - Art by Justin James Williams

Based on Chris Nickson's novel, this musical in the making finds John Carpenter confronted with intrigue, violence and murder trying to prove his innocence. Join the cast for a tantalizing preview of this new piece by previous Fringe winner Mary Hennessy with Martin Coslett and Peter Gray (music and lyrics). This event will be open for access/viewing on the July 17th - 18th. See www.ashgateheritagearts.co.uk/ (New Writing)
Online (102) 17, 18 Jul 7pm to 8pm Free, Strong language, Ages 16+ Review Gallery
Further information: Donations via justgiving.com/crowdfunding/TheCrookedSpireatBuxtonFringe Comments

The Crooked Spire

The Writers of The Crooked Spire, Murder Mystery Musical, Martin, Peter and Mary host a discussion with the audience on the trials, tribulations and fun of working collaboratively on-line to create the musical and bring it to the stage. This event will be open for access on the July 18th. See www.ashgateheritagearts.co.uk
Online (102) 18 Jul 8pm to 8:30pm Free, Strong language , Ages 16+ Gallery
Further information: Donations via justgiving.com/crowdfunding/TheCrookedSpireatBuxtonFringe Comments

Joanna Lavelle in Crossing the Line

'Unexpected gem of the Fringe.' Chris Neville-Smith. Four linked stories giving voices to overlooked victims of abuse: wife, police officer, mother, now includes the perpetrator in this moving, compelling and thought-provoking drama based on real-life cases. 'Exceptional, flawless, convincing performance.' 2018 Buxton Fringe Review. See www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAjy8jMCLhBgML-bTLM2FqYaUg_-k68ZN
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Adult themes Review Gallery
Further information: 07736 704664 Comments(4)

Diary of a Madman image courtesy of Nick Coleman and Unsplash

DIARY OF A MADMAN - Damn Cheek Productions
Another chance to see Kelvin Segger’s dramatisation of Gogol’s celebrated short story. Disturbing, dark and funny by turns, this one-man show follows our protagonist’s diarised descent into insanity. A tour de force from Darren Cheek - www.damncheek.co.uk. Live on Zoom. Email info@damncheek.co.uk for Zoom invitation.
Online (102) 1 Jul 8:15pm to 9:15pm, 16 Jul 8:30pm to 9:30pm Free, Adult theme, Ages 14+ Review
Further information: Pay what you feel – donations via www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/damn-cheek Comments

THE GAMBIT - Rampant Family Friendly
BFF New Writing Award 2013. 'This play is a dense web of ideas, analysed over the background of a failed friendship, and the cleverness of Mark Reid’s script is that it works on both an intellectual and emotional level' (Steve Walker, fringeguru 2015). Radio recording via soundcloud.com/rampantplays/the-gambit
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments

Cannibalism, werewolf trials, deceit, murder: Marie Hassenpflug and the Brothers Grimm are editing the darkness out of old stories. But as they do so, the voices of the women who created these tales are lost. What will be saved and what will be forgotten? Watch here: youtu.be/zYu481-IRUs and donate here: ko-fi.com/somekindoftheatre
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, References to violence, sexual violence, cannibalism. Strong language, Ages 14+ Review Gallery
Further information: Donate via ko-fi.com/somekindoftheatre Comments(1)

IT'S ABOUT TIME - The Institute of Managing Performance Family Friendly
A collection of quotations and reflections in real time including the ability of spectators to provide their own suggestions and reflections and engage with the material in their own ways. It has been curated by Mark Reid from his personal library in which he performs. See maccpmarkreid.wordpress.com/abouttime/ (New Writing)
Online (102) 2, 9 & 16 Jul 2:15pm to 2:45pm Free Review Comments

THE LANDSCAPE JUKEBOX - Bloom Family Friendly
Climb to the peak of a hill. Look out at the landscape. What does it feel like to think? Do you think in words? In pictures? Choose a track from the Jukebox. Experience consciousness from a different point of view. Have you ever thought about the nature of thoughts? To experience this part-radio play, part-film and online jukebox, inspired by the Buxton landscape, see thelandscapejukebox.com. Note the release of landscape scenes is staggered: Landscapes 1-6: July 11th, Landscapes 7-13: July 15th, Landscapes 14-17: July 18th. (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments

THE LION AND ALBERT (AND FRIENDS) - Hancock Fabrications Family Friendly
An entertaining selection of music hall and parlour recitations, including: all of the Albert stories, Three Ha'pence a Foot, The Runcorn Ferry, The Cremation of Sam McGee, etc, etc. See YouTube trailer: youtu.be/RjW2yeSuYUQ Performances via Facebook: Hancock Fabrications and Zoom: us02web.zoom.us/j/84619991094?pwd=dHpGRHNQWEV2VTNhOHlyd0ZSU3lVQT09
Online (102) 3, 8, 15 & 19 Jul 7:30pm to 8:10pm Free, Zoom Meeting ID: 846 1999 1094 Password: 236307, Ages 6+ Review
Further information: hankfab@hotmail.com Comments(3)

Sarah Gordon and Carl Bownas, rehearsing as Charlotte and Pinko (credit: Lorraine Ayrton).

ONCE UPON A TIME IN TRIESTE - Silver Pine Productions
A 19th-century princess and a 20th-century revolutionary are trapped in a fairy tale castle, both struggling to come to terms with momentous events they have helped to shape. Over a night of prayer, cards and violence, they confront each other - and their own inner demons. See tinyurl.com/ydaed8mg for audio drama.
Online (102) 7-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Some strong language, Ages 12+ Review
Further information: silverpineco@icloud.com or thegreenmangallery.com Comments

Jonathan Whiteside, Debbie Cannon and Ben Blow - The Infintesimals

THE RISE OF REPTILIAN FLUX AND OTHER STORIES - Shoreline of Infinity’s The Infinitesimals Present
Emigrate to a new planet instantly - what could go wrong? See yourself through others' eyes - literally. The Universe next door is leaking - beware Reptilian Flux! Live and recorded drama: Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man meets Orson Wells' War of the Worlds - on Zoom. Recording will remain available until the end of July. See www.shorelineofInfinity.com (New Writing)
Online (102) 18 Jul 8pm to 9pm Free Review
Further information: www.shorelineofInfinity.com Comments

ROOT - Kellie Colbert
Root is a performance video that aims to raise awareness around mental health, most specifically trichotillomania. This piece is an illustration of the struggles of living with trichotillomania, a compulsive desire to pull out one’s hair, and the strain it puts on everyday life. See youtu.be/2W-G2KKhW14 (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Trigger Warning - Mental Disorders, Ages 15+ Review
Further information: KellieColbertArtist@gmail.com Comments(8)

NHS Angels by Ana Hennessy Design Studio  Anahennessy@hotmail.com

SOUNDS LIKE THE NHS - Magdalen Theatre Family Friendly
This 'stunningly tender' winner of the New Writing Award at the 2002 Fringe, updated for 2020, is a wry look at life in the NHS through the eyes and ears of a hospital patient. Helen Grady makes a welcome return to the Fringe to perform Mary Hennessy's insightful, gently humorous work. This event will be open for access/listening on the July 14th-19th. Donations will go to UNICEF for the children of the Yemen. See helengrady.com/SoundsLikeTheNHS.html
Online (102) 14-19 Jul 8pm to 9:15pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: Donations to UNICEF for the children of the Yemen via www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/mary-hennessy-3?utm_term=bn28924jw Comments(1)

Blackboard Theatre (credit: David Griffiths)

This heart-warming play explores why more teachers are leaving the profession than ever before, delving into what life is like as a teacher in 2020. Hilarious from start to finish, it features stories and characters that you have to see to believe. The cast will be doing an online read through at 18:00 on July 11th (book at www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/special-measures-a-script-reading-by-blackboard-theatre-tickets-110960955204), and the resulting recording will remain available for the rest of the Fringe (at www.facebook.com/blackboardtheatreuk/). (New Writing)
Online (102) 11 Jul 6pm to 7:30pm, 12-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Strong language, Ages 16+ Review Comments(1)

Sticks & Stones

STICKS & STONES - Breadface Theatre Company
A performance video that derives from The Petite, Average, Plus-Sized Show, a show about body image, stereotypes and power that is yet to be completed because of Covid. This new work allows a sharing of past stories, a time for confession and a way to resolve differences. See drive.google.com/file/d/1RJ21v0CLyUvnIE2lJIE-geuA-wYjjf6C/view?usp=drive_web (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Mild bad language, Ages 15+ Review Comments(3)

SUDDEN IMPULSE VIRTUAL BUXTON 2020 - Sudden Impulse Theatre Company Family Friendly
As we are unable to bring our 14th show to Buxton we thought we would give you a little look at what else we get up to - releasing a new episode each day from Wednesday 15th to Sunday 19th, 8pm: 1 Shakespeare 2 Pantomime 3 Music 4 War Years 5 Silas Marner. See www.youtube.com/channel/UCkNYhVM2T-9GyqREn6oHa3A?fbclid=IwAR1y6ehFWHnS0ZZPyOqMhggGtDMdWIqWUszJ4v1YEt5ETsHcxIUZkV6DP5Y
Online (102) 15 Jul 8pm to 11:59pm, 16-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, The War Years episode contains some strong language. Review
Further information: Voluntary donations www.gofundme.com/f/sudden-impulse-theatre-company-covid-comeback Comments

Credit: Eleonore Dambre

THIS MORTAL COIL - Aulos Productions Family Friendly
When a Hamlet-inspired murder ruins her dress rehearsal, Elissa’s delighted. The detective’s an old actor pal and she’d forgotten her lines anyway. Lured in by the promise of Jammie Dodgers, Elissa pursues a dastardly killer with a penchant for Shakespeare. An online comedy audio murder mystery. See aulosproductions.com/this-mortal-coil-2020/ (New Writing)
Online (102) 17-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Murder (this is a murder mystery, after all), Ages PG Review
Further information: aulosproductions@gmail.com (Donations appreciated) Comments

Model dinosaur (credit: David Cannon)

THREE VOICES - Debbie Cannon
Three 10-minute monologues; three voices of women in lockdown. Anthea hopes to find someone she’s lost in the void of the internet; Esther has a score to settle and she’s using a dinosaur to do it; Paula’s about to start a revolution. Comedy/drama. Available from 13/07/20 at debbiecannon.org/shorts/ (New Writing)
Online (102) 13 Jul 6pm to 11:59pm, 14-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Some swearing, Ages 12+ Review Comments

THROUGH THE SCREEN - Orange and Pip Theatre
Three students are keeping in touch via video chat during lockdown. When Rosie suspects Paige isn't being entirely honest, she learns something which could damage their friendship group forever. The company behind the sell-out shows Ugly and After Alice experiments with a brand new medium, creating an entertaining virtual play produced in lockdown. See bit.ly/OrangeandPip (New Writing)
Online (102) 8 Jul 7pm to 7:45pm, 9-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments(4)

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 Visual Arts

credit: Rachel Slaney

2020 ART EXHIBITION: ONLINE - Burbage Art Group Family Friendly
This long-established exhibition goes online this year via the Gallery link. Enjoy a selection of members' paintings, mixed-media works, textiles, sculptures and more. The high standard of the artists' work has been recognised in Fringe and other awards. In normal times, the group meets on Wednesday evenings and welcomes newcomers. See artist Annie at work youtu.be/f0iXb6EkfM4 and Stephanie's demo youtu.be/gXusorTgm5w.
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: 01538 266220 Comments(4)

Azaleas Study by Robert Innes

2020 LOCKDOWN GALLERY - The Buxton Spa Art Prize Family Friendly
Online art gallery exhibiting work created during this year's lockdown. View artwork from professionals and amateurs, beginners and experienced artists. See our fabulous selection of art from our budding Young Artists. Work is available to buy so why not treat yourself while supporting our artists? See www.buxtonspaprize.co.uk/
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments

Jennifer Hart, 'Echo', Silver gelatin print, 40.5cm x 76cm, (2020)

ABOUT TIME - Jennifer Hart and Louise Jannetta Family Friendly
Attributes of photography, print and paint adeptly express the culmination of experimental and interrogative research undertaken in the third year Fine Art BA at MMU. Both artists explore the intricate folds in the strata of time where shadows of the past haunt the present in a perpetual pattern of repetition.
Louise Jannetta Art Studio (rear of 24 Dale Rd) (14) OpenStreetMap 3-5, 10-12 & 17-19 Jul 10am to 4:30pm Free, Numbers restricted for social distancing. Apologies for any waiting required - refreshments offered! Review Gallery
Further information: enquiries@louisejannetta.co.uk Comments

Two Left Hands Well Dressing Panel

A public art trail of homemade alternative well dressings across town. Displays across town 5th to 12th July. Look out for pieces and post pictures to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/twolefthandsbuxton/
Around the Town (47) 5-11 Jul 7am to 10pm, 12 Jul midnight to 4pm Free Review Gallery Comments

credit: David Woodrow

BREAK YOUR STRIDE - ACE Art Family Friendly
Enjoy a lively window display of works by talented members of Buxton Adult Community Education art classes. Animal portraits and local landscapes will feature. Many pictures, including some by artist and teacher David Woodrow, will be on sale (all enquiries to David). Bonus pictures on the Gallery link!
Hargreaves (121) OpenStreetMap 5-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: David Woodrow 07856 697923 or 01298 78809 Comments(1)

Buxton Flowerpot Trail 2020 map (Fringe version)

BUXTON FLOWERPOT TRAIL 2020 - Funny Wonders Family Friendly
Hunt down the flowerpot creations displayed around Buxton. Download the latest trail map from our website www.funnywonders.org.uk. Better yet, make a flowerpot creation yourself - instructions and videos are available on our website. We hope to arrange a collection point for free pots. Email us with your photos and your address to be added to the next map.
Around the Town (47) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, Ages 3+ Review Gallery
Further information: hello@funnywonders.org.uk Comments

BUXTON GARDEN TRAIL 2020, THE VIRTUAL TOUR - Buxton Garden Trail Community Group Family Friendly
A virtual tour of the gardens of Buxton which would have taken part in the Garden Trail. The trail covers areas of Harpur Hill. Burbage, Corbar, Fairfield and all the sites between. Enjoy. See buxtongardentrail.co.uk/virtual-tour.html and www.facebook.com/BuxtonGardenTrail/?modal=admin_todo_tour
Online (102) 7-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free, gentle gardens Review Comments(3)

BUXTON PHOTO CHALLENGE 2020 - Chapel Camera Club Family Friendly
Just for fun this year! Take six photos on six themes in six hours - in the right order. You can use your camera or phone and take them anywhere you like. Themes will be published at 9:30am on the July 18th on our Facebook page en-gb.facebook.com/Buxton-Photo-Challenge-234599926595191/ or by request - email bpc@chapelcameraclub.org.uk. Post on our BPC Facebook page or share in some other way. No prizes, but good practice for 2021!
Online (102) 18 Jul 10am to 4pm Free Review Comments

100 day sketchbook project

BUXTON, BANGKOK, BOLLYWOOD AND BEYOND! - Pam Smart Studio Family Friendly
A visual delight of virtual travel as Buxton artist Pam Smart takes you on a 100-page sketchbook tour of her travels. See www.pamsmart.co.uk/about-1/processes/sketchbook/
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: pamsmartstudio@gmail.com or pamsmart.co.uk Comments(1)

In the Jungle, Fringe 2020 (picture by Neil Kendall)

DRINK & DRAW; IN THE JUNGLE - Drink & Draw with Andrea Joseph
Drink & Draw with Andrea Joseph is back at the Fringe! Pull up a chair and pour yourself a drink. Pencils/pens/paints at the ready for this virtual drawing experience. Our model, Pinky DeVille, serving up indoor garden jungle exotica pin-up peep realness! Zoom invitation provided on booking. See www.facebook.com/events/267475537874627/
Online (102) 8 Jul 7pm to 8:45pm £6, risqué costume, Ages 14+ Review
 Bookings via paypal.me/drinkanddraw Comments

Porlock Weir by Geoff Chilton, The Green Man Gallery

A special online exhibition of original work by the Resident Artists of The Green Man Gallery, Buxton. Paintings in oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media; prints, photography, mosaics and more. View the collection at www.thegreenmangallery.com
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments(2)

LOCKDOWN BEGINNERS ART GALLERY - Buxton and District U3A Beginners Art Group Family Friendly
Paintings and drawings by the Beginners and Improvers Art Group of Buxton and District U3A are now viewable on their Buxton website. More than 60 entries demonstrate the variety and progress of the members’ work not to mention their enthusiasm. Buxton U3A has over 500 members and 60 activity groups. See three pages of artworks via u3asites.org.uk/buxton/page/105131
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Comments

MAGAZINE COLLAGE WORKSHOP ONLINE - Giles Davies Landscapes Family Friendly
An online workshop for all-comers to explore the exciting medium of magazine collage. Presented and hosted by former Buxton Fringe Winner, and BBC One 'Home is where the Art is' contestant, Giles Davies, this will be a one-day course with online interaction. No special equipment needed. See www.gilesdavieslandscapes.co.uk
Online (102) 18 Jul 9:30am to 4pm £35, Number of participants limited to 30
 Bookings via giles@gilesdavieslandscapes.co.uk Comments(1)

MOUNTAIN & LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY - Geoff Shoults Family Friendly
Winner of the Art of Travel award in the Travel Photographer of the Year 2019 and Mountain Photographer of the Year 2017. From the hills of Derbyshire to the Himalayas via Arctic Norway, Buxtonian Geoff Shoults takes inspiration from the abstract detail within the landscape as well as the sweeping vista.
Jo Royle Outdoor (113) OpenStreetMap 1-4 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 5 Jul 10am to 4pm, 6-11 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 12 Jul 10am to 4pm, 13-18 Jul 9:30am to 5pm, 19 Jul 10am to 4pm Free, Current social distancing rules will apply. Review Comments

‘Solomon’s Temple’ Buxton, painting by Pam Smart

PAM SMART ARTWORK - Pam Smart Family Friendly
A display of Buxton and Derbyshire-themed artwork by local artist Pam Smart in the Green Pavilion cafe window.
The Cafe at The Green Pavilion (75) OpenStreetMap 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: pam@pamsmart.co.uk Comments

Sculpture Trail at Buxton Fringe

SCULPTURE TRAIL - Curated by Lindsey Piper Family Friendly
An online exhibition featuring six sculptors whose work has appeared on Four Rooms, Home is Where the Art Is and Scrap Kings. Take a stroll down Spring Gardens to meet the kinetic sculpture, Floella Flap-a-lot. www.artupclose.org/collaborations/virtual-sculpture-trail-at-buxton-fringe-2020/
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments

THE SKETCHBOOK TRAIL - charlieanneart Family Friendly
A virtual tour of the incredible sketchbooks created by local artists before, during and after lockdown. The exhibition will take place on Instagram (@thesketchbooktrail) during the Buxton Fringe Festival and will be available to view from July 1st at www.instagram.com/thesketchbooktrail/
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments

A TRAIL OF SMILES - Curated by Lindsey Piper Family Friendly
Installation artist Lindsey Piper is bringing her Smiles to Buxton. She has devised a trail of 25 Smiles for you to discover throughout the town in shops, places of interest and private houses. Email Lindsey (oshinoo@outlook.com) with the locations of all 25 Smiles and be placed in a draw at the end of August to win your own Smile!
Around the Town (47) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Comments(1)

DREAM in the most unexpected trials.

UNTITLED, THE DEEP SLEEP - Hampton-Studio Family Friendly
Untitled, The Deep Sleep is a performance installation where I share with the audience one of the most intimate experiences – sleep. See www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE6cCDh-uE4, www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqR8AUmYivU and www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsGiV5SmCW8
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments(1)

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 And More...

THE ART OF THE 99-WORD STORY - Carrot Ranch Literary Community
Learn to write a story in only 99 words! Follow our online tutorial and celebrate the results in a live session at 5pm on July 17th from England and the USA. Join us to play with words whether you’re an experienced writer or have never written creatively before. See carrotranch.com/flash-fiction/international-flash-fiction-challenge/
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Gallery Comments

Buxton in Bloom 2020 Title - slopes crown

BUXTON IN BLOOM 2020 - Buxton in Bloom Family Friendly
Buxton in Bloom 2020 is a garden competition and this year, owing to current social distancing conditions, we will be hosting it online, asking participants to message our page with pictures of your entries plus your name (private/commercial) and a contact email. Open until second week of August. See www.facebook.com/Buxton-In-Bloom-2020-100100925035444
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments

The story of the new Sensory Garden in video, prose and verse. See youtu.be/PsRXd5_zj6I
Online (102) 11-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Comments


CREATIVE WRITING ONLINE - BEAT WRITER'S BLOCK - Peak District Events Family Friendly
We’ve all felt stuck. Spending hours staring at a blank page. Watching the cursor torment us with its unending repetitive blink. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This workshop will kickstart your imagination. Fun writing prompts, creative tasks and tricks and tips for beating writer’s block. View by donation peakdistrictevents.com/fringe-2020
Online (102) 14 Jul 6:30pm to 7:30pm Free Review
Further information: laura@peakdistrictevents.com Comments


From blogging, to life writing, memoirs, business books and everything in-between. If you’ve always fancied trying non-fiction writing, this session will give a great insight into how to get started. Writing prompts, creative tasks, tools, tricks and tips for getting the ideas out of your head and onto the page. View by donation peakdistrictevents.com/fringe-2020.
Online (102) 16 Jul 6:30pm to 7:30pm Free Review
Further information: laura@peakdistrictevents.com Comments

THE FRINGE OF THE FRINGE - Buxton Fringe of 1
Stranger. Audaciouser. Fringier. Immerse yourselves in the Fringe of the Fringe: the weirdest, wildest assortment of all the events that aren’t happening on the Fringe. The shows, gigs and exhibitions you wish you’d seen. Keep up with all the excitement on Facebook @buxtonfringeofthefringe and Twitter @buxtonfringeof1 (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review
Further information: www.facebook.com/buxtonfringeofthefringe/ Comments(3)

MIX IT UP - POSTPONED. SECRET GARDEN 2020 - Serpentine Community Garden Family Friendly
Sorry we can’t have a 2020 live event. We hope to mix it up in 2021. Our Secret Garden event will be by invitation only. Look on our website for opportunities to book visits from August onwards serpentinecommunitygarden.org. For a glimpse inside, watch youtu.be/28TMXPo9P2I.
Serpentine Community Garden (107) OpenStreetMap 19 Jul 10:30am to 3pm Free Review Gallery
Further information: madeline.hall.gee@gmail.com Comments

SPECIAL ISSUE - BUXTON - Summit Family Friendly
A showcase of the experimental, alternative and avant-garde, from Salford to Buxton for this one-off online issue featuring some of our finest acts across music, film and performance. See www.summitsfd.wordpress.com (New Writing)
Online (102) 1-19 Jul midnight to 11:59pm Free Review Comments

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