Data Protection Policy

The Fringe committee manages the following areas of data in order to run the Buxton Festival Fringe. In all cases this data is accessible by the committee member who requires the information for their committee function.


We collect and hold data on entrants to the Buxton Festival Fringe (i.e. artists, performers etc).
We hold this data for the purpose of running the annual Buxton Festival Fringe arts festival.
The relevant parts of this data will be displayed on our website and appear in the Fringe programme.
Where entrants have requested ticket sales via Buxton Opera House, the relevant data will be passed to the Opera House to enable ticket sales' payments to be made directly to the entrant.
We will not disclose this data to any other third party without the subject's permission.
It is Fringe policy to use the contact details of entrants for necessary and legitimate communication purposes until the end of the calendar year of the Fringe that they have entered. During this period entrants will however have the opportunity to unsubscribe from email communications. In December of that year, entrants will be emailed and invited to Subscribe to ongoing Fringe communications. By doing so, they will continue to receive emails from the Fringe and their account details will remain active. If not, their account details will be erased.


Anyone can click on the Subscribe button on the website in order to receive email communications from the Fringe. We hold their email data in order to be able to communicate with them. We will not disclose this data to any third party without the subject's permission. Subscribers can Unsubscribe at any time.


In the event of someone creating an account as a precursor to entering the Fringe, creating a wish list of events in the Fringe app or making a Fringe Planner, the minimal data recorded will be deleted 2 years after last login.

Programme Requests

We invite people to send in a stamped addressed envelope in order to be posted a printed Fringe programme. We do not keep this data or share it with any third parties.

Executive Committee

Contact details of current committee members (i.e. Trustees and Honorary Members) are held by the Secretary, and are available to other committee members. These details include name, email address, phone number and address (this field is optional). Members are also asked to identify their areas of interest and committee responsibilities. 
This data is used for communication. In the case of new members, unless they are already known to the committee, their contact details will not be shared within the committee, and other members' details will not be shared with them, until the newcomer has formally accepted an invitation to join the committee (usually after attending two or three committee meetings). In the interim period, the Fringe Secretary will hold the newcomer's details for essential communications. 

In the case of under 18s (junior members), their own contact details will be held by the Secretary and used for essential communications but not widely shared within the committee. 
Contact and personal details of Trustees only are passed to the Charities Commission in accordance with Charity Law. We will not disclose committee members' data to any other third party without the subject's permission.
A list of current committee members is posted in About Us.

Fringe Friends

We hold contact and subscription details for those who have become Fringe Friends.
We hold this information so that we can communicate with Friends.
We will not disclose this data to any third party without the subject's permission.
A Fringe Programme is sent to all Fringe Friends.
Fringe Friends will be invited to opt in to communications from the Fringe and they can unsubscribe at any point.  For those who do not wish to subscribe to communication, they will only be contacted if essential to the operation of membership.
Personal data will be removed one year after a member ceases to be a Fringe Friend or at their request.


We hold contact details of our volunteer reviewers.
We hold this information so that we can organise our reviews by sending out necessary reminder emails.
We will not disclose this data to any third party without the reviewer's permission.
Data is removed once the reviewer has been inactive for two years or at their request.

Community Groups Link

We hold contact details of community groups including schools.
We hold this information so that we can facilitate workshops and performances for community groups.
We disclose this data to entrants having gained permission from the community groups.
Data is reviewed annually and removed on request.


Details provided by venues who wish to be available to Fringe entrants are posted on our website.
These details are reviewed annually or at the request of the venue.
This data is held at the request of the venues for the use of Fringe entrants and audiences.


We hold contact details of national and local media.
We hold this information so that we can send them press releases and invitations.
We disclose selected data to entrants having been granted permission from the media concerned.
Data is reviewed annually and removed on request.

Accommodation list

The accommodation manager maintains a list of those offering accommodation to Fringe entrants.
The list holds data provided by those offering accommodation.
It is made available to all Fringe entrants. It is not shared with other third parties without the permission of the provider.
The information is updated yearly in Autumn or at any time on request.


The Fringe archivist maintains a complete Archive of all materials relating to the Fringe. This includes digitally stored information.
The archive is maintained for the purposes of historical record and research. The digital information is stored securely offline. Information may be deleted from the digital archive on request. A note of the deletion will be made.

Fringe app

If not logged in it does not collect any user data apart from IP address, device type and device ID - so no personally identifiable data. It uses this non-sensitive data in order to send automatic error reports to in the event of the app crashing. If a user logs in to build up a My Fringe wish list of Fringe events then the account is deleted 2 years after last use and their wish list is stored on the server. None of this data is shared with any other third party.

This Data Protection Policy will be reviewed annually.

March 2024