PRESS RELEASE: For immediate release July 24 2006

Buxton Festival Fringe was hailed 'the best ever' by chair John Wilson at Sunday's Awards Ceremony held for the first time at the University of Derby Buxton's impressive Dome.

Also the biggest ever, the Fringe featured 470 performances from 116 entrants in every field from drama to dance and visual arts to music.

Wilson explained that some tough decisions had had to be taken with the immense drama category being split into several sections so that more than one production could be honoured with a prize. Oleanna, a late entry performed by Free Range Theatre, scooped two prizes, the coveted Best Production Award and Best Actor for Hugo Chandor. In Music, it was decided that two favourites - the vibrant Zimbabwean choir Siyaya (replacing Nqi Ngqo) and American vocal quintet Uncloistered - were so different that they could not really be compared and should share a prize.

Wilson was keen to point out that: 'Everyone who has taken part in this Fringe is indispensable. We recognize excellence but at the core of the Fringe is an acceptance of anything - we will not select and we will not censor... It is from this vast wellspring of creativity that this flower of excellence has been selected.'

He saluted 2006 Fringe as a truly international Fringe with acts from as far away as Canada and Africa and lamented that the day after the Fringe finished would seem 'as flat as yesterday's warm, stale beer.'

In a difficult year that had seen the unexpected withdrawal of funding from High Peak Borough Council, Wilson praised those who had come to the Fringe's rescue including Derbyshire County Council, the University of Derby Buxton, the Buxton Spa Hotel Project and above all the Friends of the Fringe, whose membership had massively increased. He also thanked supporters such as The Old Hall Hotel, Fringe Desk manager Jasmine Harmer, the Fringe Committee and all the performers themselves, giving a special mention to newcomers Underground Venues and guitarist Hojo who had appeared on the Carnival Float and on Fringe Sunday as well as proving a ubiquitous figure around the town. 'Hojo is the spirit of the Fringe', he said.

This year it was decided that instead of cash prizes, the reward for award-winners would be free entry to next year's Fringe. The eagerly-awaited list of nominations and awards was announced as follows:



Naked Soul of Kirk Godless (Tam Hinton)

Ticky-Tock (2pt of the Telemaphone Trilogy) Face/Wrong Productions

Barbara Nice

Play on words - Three's Company

Winner: Naked Soul of Kirk Godless (Tam Hinton)



Jasofula Latin Band - Sensational Salsa

Bobroskov's Dream and Other Stories - Abalino Dance Theatre

The Dreaming Tree - Split Soul Dance Theatre

Winner: Bobroskov's Dream and Other Stories - Abalino Dance Theatre


(1) Best production


Make Him Cure Me - Tictek Productions

On the Sidelines - AJN Productions

Oleanna - Free Range Theatre

Burton's Last Call - Dotted Line Productions

What the Dickens - Tongue in Cheek

The Mother's Bones - Kate Burlinson in association with the Weird Sisters

Silent Joys and Broken Toys - Vista Theatre Company

A Story for when We're Grandads - Random Productions

Winner: Oleanna by Free Range Theatre

(2) Best New Writing


George Telfer - Burton's Last Call

Alan Fielden - Blind and Flying Doctor

Patrick McConnell - A Story for when We're Grandads

Winner: Patrick McConnell - A Story for when We're Grandads

(3) Best Actor


Kim Voisey-Youldon in productions from 1623 Theatre Co

Andrew Norris - On the Sidelines*

Bina Widdowson - Chopin and the Eurovision Song Contest

Corrine Sawyer - Make Him Cure Me

George Telfer - Burton's Last Call*

Kath Burlinson - The Mother's Bones*

Louise Nulty - What the Dickens

Karen Odemark - Embrace

Hugo Chandor - Oleanna*

Lucy Gradwell - Oleanna

Ian Curley - Paperboys


Winner: Hugo Chandor - Oleanna

(4) Best Production by a Young Company


Ticky Tock (Pt 2 of Telemaphone Trology) - Face/Wrong Productions

Play on Words - Three's Company

Winner: Play on Words - Three's Company

(5) Best Young Actor


Oliver Saville - Anorak of Fire

Lucy Bromilow - Yesterday

Yacein Al-Shaater - Play on Words

Anna Grady - Who's a Big Boy Now?

Florence Jones - Where's Waldo?

Winner: Lucy Bromilow - Yesterday

Visual Arts

(1) Best Exhibition


Derbyshire Open - Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Pump Room Art and Craft

Wildest Dreams - Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Winner: Derbyshire Open - Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

(2) Best Artist


Armelle Perrin - Itinerary

Robert Wilson - The Audience from Derbyshire Open

Paul Smith - Grizzly Tales

Red Point Studios - Pixelated

Fran Halsall - Two Rivers

Winner: Robert Wilson - The Audience from Derbyshire Open

For Young People


Robin Hood Retold - Pals Productions

It's Taking Ages - Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Rap Around with Mozart - Bexton Primary School

Alice and her Sister in Wonderland (Young REC Theatre Company)

Winner: Robin Hood Retold - Pals Productions


(1) Best Event


Lute Songs - Accordes

Tapestry of the Senses - Aitone

Amaretti Chamber Orchestra

Bewitched - Rachel Pennell

Siyaya Arts

Unearthing Musical Jewels and Italian Musical Theatre of the Mind - Unclositered

Yorkshire Music - Sam Dunkley

Joint Winners: Siyaya Arts and Unearthing Musical jewels by Uncloistered

(2) Best Performer


Anna Le Hair - And the Living is Easy

Benjamin Powell - High peak orchestra

Laura Tanner - Mozart Marathon

Nicola Bright and Linda Simcock - Orchestra of King Edward Musical Society of Macclesfield

Winner: Benjamin Powell - High Peak Orchestra

Spoken Word


I Love New York - Aimster Productions

Mark Twain Lectures - Morals Lecture and Hannibal Years

A Pleasing Terror - Nunkie

Winner: Mark Twain Lecture - Hannibal Years

Other Events


Outer Fringe at Brierlow Bar

Shakespeare Juke Box

Winner: Outer Fringe at Brierlow Bar