Fringe Awards Policy

Although we are an entirely open Festival and make no selection of entries we still feel it is right to recognize excellence and we do this through our reviews and Fringe Awards.

Please note: we make our decisions about the awards on the final Sunday morning of the Fringe. Therefore entries whose only performances are on the last day of the Fringe will unfortunately be ineligible for an award.

We publish a list of potential awards below. However, we reserve the right not to make an award on this list and to create an award not listed should circumstances so require.

We will announce which awards we are making at the beginning of the awards ceremony.

We will also encourage audience members to give feedback on events through the website and the Fringe Desk.

All nominations will receive a certificate. All award winners will receive a certificate and free entry to the following year's Fringe (with the exception of the John Beecher prize). An award made to an individual can be applied by them to any one entry which involves them; most awards will go to groups and will apply to the group. Free entry is not transferable. If free entry cannot be taken up in the following year it can be deferred to the year after.

We hope that this award policy will reward excellence and encourage its return to enhance another Fringe.

The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 24th July 2016 and is open to entrants, committee members and Fringe Friends only. Drinks from 1.30pm, awards 2pm-3pm. Upstairs at The Old Clubhouse, next to The Opera House.

New since 2013: The John Beecher Award for original, challenging work with high production values. NB This is a cash prize. It does NOT entitle the performer to free entry the following year.